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Bengaluru Has Not Been The Champion When It Comes to Waste Management. Over The Course Of Last Season, We Implemented Change At The Fortress…

While Carles Cuadrat’s men looked to recycle possession on the field, as part of the club’s For The Planet initiative, Bengaluru FC played its part in avoiding landfills, saving trees and reducing their carbon footprint through responsible solid waste management during the 2019-20 season.

Responsible solid waste management is the process of collecting and transporting of at-source segregated waste to assured destinations where they are responsibly processed. Bengaluru FC provided a complete zero waste to landfill experience at the Kanteerava Stadium on match days last season and all waste generated at the stadium during match days was segregated and sent for processing to authorized end destinations. The club had complete transparency on waste type, quantity and end destination.

The Numbers

The city of Bangalore generates about 5000 tons of waste every day out of which 3500 tonnes is non-segregated or mixed waste. Mixed waste is particularly damaging to the environment as it cannot be recovered or recycled and is dumped in abandoned quarries or in landfills.

A standard matchday with a fan footfall of around 15,000 supporters generates between 1-3 tons of waste. The good news? All of this waste was processed in an eco-friendly manner.

The Process

As a first step to ensuring sustainable waste management at Indian Super League matches, BFC, in collaboration with the stadium’s housekeeping team, ensured segregated collection from the bins placed across the stadium, aggregate and maintain finer segregation before sending it out to the appropriate processing destination.

The Progress

The club provided periodical data pertaining to the amount of waste diverted from landfill, the area of landfill saved from dumping, the amount of electricity saved through waste management and the number of trees saved by way of recycling paper.

The Community

Waste and improper waste management are two issues that plague every citizen in Bengaluru. As a club that represents the city, and with strong Grassroots level ties by way of youth teams and supporters, Bengaluru FC built ties with the community and organisations to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Bengaluru FC, through BFC Cares, with strong grassroots ties with fans and young sports people, hopes to create awareness amongst its community of the issues concerned with irresponsible waste management and the steps to take in order to alleviate it.

Your Move

• Forego single-use items (plastic straws, plastic plates, plastic bottles etc.).
• Don’t litter in public places, always use bins.
• Segregate waste at source (use the bin allocated for each item).

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