I will miss all your songs, your banners and more importantly your love

Dear Blues,

I wish this was just a regular end-of-season letter with genuine and heartfelt ‘thank yous’. But it isn’t and here is why. I’ve always believed that everything in life and football, has its time. Sometimes short, sometimes long – but there’s a date to everything. Unfortunately, reasons beyond the football pitch have decided that my time at Bengaluru FC has come to an end.

Two seasons may seem like a very short time in football but I go back to Barcelona with memories that will last me two lifetimes and more.

I will miss all your songs, your banners – many of which have inspired me and the team – and most importantly your love that I felt across that athletic track and all the way to the dug out every single time.

We have had a lot to celebrate at Bengaluru FC. Two trophies, the AFC Cup final, the ISL final, some fantastic goals and winning streaks that would do any team in any league across the world, proud. But what I will remember the most is the difficult times and the way the club and you fans stuck by me through it. Football has taken me to quite a few places and in all of these places, my head would have been called for during the tough phases. But not once did I get that feeling in Bengaluru. ‘

The trophies and success have been the result of one big effort from a fantastic bunch of people who I must be grateful for. I would like to thank the owners and the management at this club who backed me like few would. Then there is the staff – technical and non-technical who have made life so much easier for all of us with the kind of effort you need to see to believe. And finally, I want to thank every player over my two seasons here, who went out on the pitch and gave me everything I asked of them, every single time.

By now, you would expect me to say goodbye. But this is not a goodbye. You can never tell what the future holds and when I walk out of the door at my office for the last time, I won’t be shutting it.

Keep supporting this beautiful club just like I will, from miles away. Cherish all the memories we made together, give the next manager the same love and support you gave me and keep collecting trophies!

Hasta pronto,

Albert Roca