Brightening Bengaluru, one saved dog at a time

Away From The Hustle Of the City, In A Small Patch Near Kanakpura Road, Debadrita Ghosh Runs Precious Paws Foundation. This Is The Story Of Bengaluru’s Paw Protector…

After many streets that have no names and roads that are yet to be laid, we find her not because we have Google Maps to aid us, but because of 52 dogs, all of whom are up on their feet to bark a big welcome at their newest visitors. Meeting us there is Debadrita Ghosh, the founder of Precious Paws Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to helping Bengaluru’s best friends who are in need.

“I had two dogs while growing up, but they passed away. To fill that void, I started picking up dogs to treat them and foster pups that were hurt and on the road. I found so much joy in their company, that I needed a bigger space to be fair to them. I quit my job and I’ve never looked back,” she says.

Debadrita was a part of multinational companies like Wipro, Dell and Convergys but the cries of her four-legged friends appealed more to her, and she now dedicates all her time and resources to rehabilitating them.

“Many of these dogs come here starving, orphaned or abandoned and our aim at PPF is to find them suitable homes. They are initially placed under watch at our shelter in Kanakpura road and after that, we look forward to finding them a family that can love them. Every living being deserves a chance to live and be loved, it’s all about co-existing,” says Debadrita who started PPF in 2012.

Among the many Indie breeds and mongrels is a Great Dane and two Labradors but Debadrita says she loves every single one of them the same. “It’s true that some dogs will be closer to you than some other dogs, but what’s important is that they all love you, no matter what. Many of the people who come here, return a few days later to spend time with the dog that they had met. It’s wonderful every time one gets adopted because I feel like I’ve been able to make a difference.”

The number of dogs increases every week and volunteers are hard to come by, but Debadrita says it is a challenge that she relishes. “We get four or five new dogs every week, apart from the rescue cases. We sterilise them, vaccinate them and make sure that they are healthy and able to enjoy their lives. What makes me most satisfied is when there’s a senior dog that’s been abandoned or ill-treated and I am able to give them a new life altogether. My family knows how much joy it gives me to help these animals and that has always been important to me.”

How you can help: Be a part of Debadrita’s journey, open your heart and adopt from her shelter to bring home a forever friend. Share her story with your friends and family to help more of her dogs find homes. To contribute and help her cause, contact Debadrita at 9742543510. You can read more about Precious Paws Foundation, visit

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